And… off we go!

We leave Parga at about 10 o’clock in the morning. After one hour we arrive at Loggos, the smallest of the main villages, which has been described as ridiculously beautiful. Tavernas and bars with style and character are the heart of this village. We stay here for a while and then we sail to Lakka. In this natural harbor that provides safe mooring for yachts, with the clear glimmering water so typical of the Ionian, we will stay for an hour and a half to swim and have lunch in one of the small tavernas that line the waterfront. The towering limestone cliffs shelter the blue grottos and caves. We’ll visit three of them: Ipapandi, Galazio and Ortholithos. The views from the sea here are really inspiring.
The boat trip will include a visit to Antipaxos with it’s golden, sandy beaches and aquamarine shallows. Voutoumi will be our stop for the second swimming of the day. Last but not least, Gaios, the capital of Paxos. Here you can buy fashionable clothes, beautiful jewellery and pottery as well as local olives and olive oil. We’ll stay for an hour and a halfbefore we leave both islands. We are sure that when you step foot back in Parga you would like to join us again for another cruise. You see there is an old Paxiot saying that no one visits the island just once!

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